The happiest days at MdG are always the days we onboard new members of the team, and today we welcome Boyeon. Originally from South Korea, Boyeon  is joining our team as a Junior Developer, focusing mostly on Javascript.

She is incredibly passioned, and her hybrid background covering literature, media, art, and history, makes her the kind of 360 degrees professional we love to work with! The great determination she showed in pursuing her career dreams despite the current challenges of the pandemics make her the perfect fit for our relentless development team!

Boyeon Kim

Meet Boyeon

"I’m Boyeon Kim, a new member of Monte del Gallo. I was a former licensed tour guide in Italy and the Vatican. I majored in Literature and Media at university. I pretty enjoyed my previous work and I’m still in love with art and history.

However, I wanted to do something new. I wanted to start a new career in the more practical, efficient, and non-metaphorical field, with ongoing self-improvement. With these ideas, coding seemed the right answer for me.

In the beginning, I registered for a course from the boot camp in Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the course at that time because of the pandemic. I needed to decide whether I wait for the next course or simply start on my own. I chose the latter option. I started to study coding with the internet, such as, Cs50 lectures and Coursera.

It never has been easy to study alone, however, I believe that this experience made me a strong and more self-motivated person. I’m often overwhelmed, whenever I realize that I know so little. However, I found fun in making stuff with my hands and solving problems with logical approaches. That’s the reason I keep going on studying coding. And, I’m ready to learn more and improve myself more with MdG. I’m glad to be a part of the team!"